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Welcome To The Black Parade by My Chemical Romance
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Nothing is true, everything is permitted.
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Yes, I believe it’s true and guess this happens to many people around the worl and really dindn’t know what was happening to them. Fortunatly people who suffer this problem can find a real solution to their problem.

yes it’s true, most of this happens to me practically all the time :/ 

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nick fury tho I’m crying

Thor is adorable
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Even with those four numbers there are countless possible combinations. Good luck with figuring out which one is the right one you punk.

*straightens calculator*
It’s pretty likely that it’s a four digit number, and as there are four digits chosen there, that means that there cannot be any repetition. This means that there are:
n!/(n-4)! possible orders. As ‘n’ is 4 (number of digits available). 4!/0! which becomes 4x3x2x1/1 which simplifies to 24. That means that there are 24 possible combinations of codes. This would take you about two or three minutes to input all possible codes.

Unless an alarm goes off if you don’t get it right in 3 tries.

*straightens calculator again*
Kick the door in.

Well ‘technically’ the code is most likley 1970. Statistically, a majority of people, when told to choose a 4 digit code will choose their birth year. And this key pad is obviously a few years old to put it nicely, so that’s most likley it. 

Some Sherlock Holmes just went down over here.

No, no, no. Don’t base your deductions of psychology. Let’s talk chemistry. When you first press a button, there’s more of the natural oils on your skin, and therefore it wears down the numbers on the keys faster. Obviously 0 is the first one, then. Try 0791 first.

Sherlock out.


It got better.

And this is why the Sherlock fandom could either rule the world or end it….

Close, but not quite, I think. People will almost always choose a number they can remember. What’s memorable about 0791? Try 0719 - a birthday, 19th of July. That is more likely.

Those deductions are great and all, but unnecessary.
The light is green.
The door is already open.

And that’s why we have a John Watson.
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about the blogger

bold what’s true about you

I am under 18.
I am a cuddler.
I am a morning person. (nope)
I am an only child.
I am currently in my pajamas.
I am currently pregnant.
I am left handed.
l am right handed.
I am ambidextrous.
I am a little shy around the opposite sex. (only a tiny bit, depends the occasion)
I bite my nails.
I can be paranoid at times.
I enjoy folk music.
I enjoy smoothies.
I enjoy talking on the phone.
I have a car. (well it’s borrowed but yes)
I have/had a hard time paying attention at school. (sometimes)
I have a hidden talent.
I have a pet.
I have a tendency to fall for the “wrong” guy/girl.
I have all my grandparents.
I have been to another country.
I have been told that I have an unusual sense of humor.
I have or had broken a bone.
I have caller I.D. on my phone.
I have bathed someone.
I have changed a diaper.
I have changed a lot over the past year.
I have friends who have never seen my natural hair color.
I have had major/minor surgery.
I have killed another person. 
I have had my hair cut within the last week.
I have mood swings. 
I have no idea what I want to do for the rest of my life.
I have rejected someone before.
I like the taste of blood. (tastes like chicken xD)
I love Michael Jackson.
I love sleeping.
I love to shop. (depends the mood)
I own 100 CDs or more.
I own and use a library card.
I read books for pleasure in my spare time.
I sleep a lot during the day.
I watch soap operas on a regular basis.
I work at a job that I enjoy.
I would get plastic surgery if it were 100% safe, free of cost, and scar-free.
I am tired.
I love to paint/draw/sketch/sculpt.
I consume at least one alcoholic drink every month.

I have/had:

Finished college. 
Smoked cigarettes.
Ridden every ride at an amusement park.
Collected something really stupid.
Gone to a concert.
Helped someone.
Spun turn tables.
Watched four movies in one night.
Been broken up with.
Taken a college level course.
Been in a car accident.
Been in a tornado.
Been in a hurricane
Been in a cyclone
Watched someone die.
Been to a funeral.
Cut yourself.
Ran a marathon.
Your parents got divorced.
Cried yourself to sleep
Spent over $200 in one day.
Cheated on someone.
Been cheated on.
Written a 10 page letter.
Had a best friend. 
Lost someone you loved.
Skipped school.
Gotten in trouble for something you didn’t do.
Stolen books from the library.
Been in a mental hospital. 
Watched the “Harry Potter” movies.
Fired a gun.
Been in a school play. (and i loved it)
Been fired from a job.
Taken a lie detector test.
Swam with dolphins. 
Attempted suicide.
Written poetry.
Read more than 20 books a year.
Gone to or live in Europe. 
Loved someone you couldn’t have.
Used a coloring book over age 12.
Had surgery.
Had stitches.
Taken a taxi.
Had more than 5 online conversations going at once.
Had a hamster.
Dyed your hair.
Had something pierced.
Gotten straight A’s.
Been handcuffed. 

My hair is naturally the color:

Light brown.
Medium brown.
Dark brown.
Dirty blonde
Strawberry blond.

My eyes are:

Dark Brown.
Light brown.

People sometimes label me as:



Some of my biggest fears are:

Spiders/other insects.
Slimy things.
Doctor/Dentist appointments.
Hospitals .
Being alone in the dark.
Small spaces.
Oceans/large bodies of water.
Large animals.
Small animals.
Open spaces.
Clustered holes.
Bodily fluids.
Thunder/loud noises (i’m scared shitless when i hear thunders yes)

I have:

A friend with benefits.
A laptop in my room.
A television in my room.
Good grades.
My own car.
Parents who are still married
A dog.
A cat.
A game console.

(Source: cathyxhi)

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Approaching Target 2 by Jesper Kyd
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Has anyone seen my virgini-tea?

man this is all insani-tea

this is absurdit-tea

You guys are all having detrimental effects on my sani-tea

Is this reali-tea?

is this just fantas-tea 

Or is it all just Moriar-tea?
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Rasputin by Turisas
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Reblog if you were ever bullied.










That’s disgusting.

Well done society.

Well done.




I swear if this gets any more notes then I fear for the next generation.


Dear God



Hugs for everyone who has ever been hurt by another!



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El Tango de Roxanne by Ewan McGregor, Jacek Koman & José Feliciano
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