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"…you love Ultron, Tony?”
(They said Avengers 2 will “have ultron” and “Natasha and Clint getting more action”, so these are my natural conclusions of what the movie will be like)
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An escaped sheep was found with 60 pounds of wool.
Shrek the sheep ran away and hid in a cave in New Zealand for 6 years. When Shrek was finally found in 2004, the sheep had gone unsheared for so long that it had accumulated 60 pounds of wool on its body, enough to make 20 suits! The sheep became famous and even got to meet the Prime Minister. Shrek finally passed away last month at the age of 16.

Its name was Shrek.

too many layers


remember when the largest māori protest of all time was held and people walked on foot literally from all across the country to protest the continued government theft of māori land and our ‘leftist’ prime minister refused to meet them, despite meeting this fucking sheep on the steps of parliament literally the day before because i dofuck this sheep

How in the world are you gonna blame that on the sheep lol
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Reblog if you have a scar with a story behind it.




This one time I tripped

This one time I split my forehead open

This one time a dark wizard tried to kill me when I was a infant but couldn’t

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There’s this asshole who every time he sees me with my ukulele he thinks he’s funny and asks “Can you play any Metallica?” but the joke is now on him because I just learned how to play the intro riff to Master of Puppets.

I did it. I fucking did it. He asked me again just like I knew he would and I stared him straight in the eyes without blinking and just fucking shredded on my ukulele


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I’m bored and need to practice drawing.  Reblog if you want a sketch based on your url.  (Likes don’t count)

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Misconstruction by Apocalyptica
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Harmageddon by Apocalyptica
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