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Add in your own language
English: I love you
German: Ich liebe dich.
Portuguese: Eu amo-te
Brazilian: Eu te amo
Keymash: alskdfjcashbcnlasdjfan
Harry Potter: Always
Dean: Don't ever change.
Fangirlish: JESUS FUCKING CHRIST LOOK AT YOU jasdhfifhss
Hungarian: Szeretlek
Persian: Doostet daram
Czech: Miluju tě
Turkish: Seni seviyorum
Russian: Я тебя люблю (Ya tebya lyublyu)
Italian: Ti amo~
Spanish: Te amo.
Loki: You have heart.
Augustus Waters: Okay?
Hazel Grace Lancaster: Okay.
Adele: Never mind, I'll find someone like you
Captain Jack Harkness: Hi, I'm Captain Jack Harkness.
Peeta: I don't want to forget
Katniss: Real
Sherlock: You're an idiot.
John Watson: I always say "I love you", but it's usually subtext
Spock: I have been emotionally compromised
The Doctor: Rose Tyler... I--
Thor: You give up this poisonous dream! You come home.
Arthur: Merlin, you idiot!
Steven Moffat: Make them suffer. That is how I show the emotion you humans refer to as 'love'.
Star Wars: I know
Law & Order Special Victims Unit: I'd Give You a Kidney
Caroline Forbes: I'm afraid of you
Klaus Mikaelson: He's your first love. I intend to be your last.
Scott Pilgrim: I'm in lesbians with you.
Sam Winchester: Jerk
Dean Winchester: Bitch
Cas: We share a profound bond
Captain Hook: You are my bean.
Emma Swan: Go eat your jello.
Bug: Eep-opp-ork-ah-ah
Tony Stark: Give yourself 12% of the credit
Pepper: We were having 12% of a moment
Loki: Sentiment
Coulson: I watched you while you slept
Sherlock: Sherlock is actually a girl's name.
Link: Hyah
Dan Howell: No homo.
Tyler Oakley: You're an idiot
Latin: Amo tu!
Terezi: YOU SM3LL D3L1C1OUS! >:]
Karkat: ...
Supernatural: I need you
Also Supernatural: I'm proud of us
French: Je t'aime
Hodor: Hodor.
Sam Winchester again: Be safe.
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Things people with Social Anxiety do


•go to the bathroom to escape

•feel very uncomfortable without a phone or some other crutch

•dwell on a small awkward moment for much longer than necessary

•never go to any social event without a person that makes you feel comfortable

•follow said person way too much

•worry about the person beginning to find you obnoxious

•faking an illness to get out of a social event

•Dont buy something necessary because the cashier is intimidating. 

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reblog if this cat is prettier than you
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The way that Thor is holding Mjolnir makes it look like a steering wheel or something. Thor is driving an invisible limo while Loki lounges in the back. 

#look at Loki’s coy look back there#dreaming of Thor’s shoulders
he is so ready for them to do each other’s hair and share their dreams and then pretend to call girls so that they have an excuse to make out on their sleepover
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This Is Halloween by Panic! At The Disco
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